All my life, maybe like you, I've been drawn to and most comfortable with animals and nature. Regardless of the season, I've loved tramping through the woods, jumping over creeks, my faithful dogs in tow...

My name is Katherine Fraze but most know me as The Dog Lady. Throughout my life I've witnessed a lot of visceral, unnerving events common in the animal world. In 1998 I put all my resources into founding a true sanctuary tucked away from the masses; one without baggage, politics or negative personalities. I never looked back after trading a cushy life for a rustically, super-downsized one. Living on 130 acres of wooded hills and hollows along the Ohio River of southern Indiana, I've happily called a 35 foot camper without running water "home" for almost two decades--as have my "kids", the thousands of dogs I've rescued and fully vetted. Some were adopted, some stayed here, all of them lovingly championed by me.

People might consider my lifestyle a sacrifice of comfort but it's never felt that way. This life has allowed me to save a lot of animals. Animal rescue (and all that it implies) requires open minded and creative remedies anchored in lessons learned from past experiences. My work in the trenches is sustained solely by your tax deductible donations--or your fundraising! In August 2000, the IRS granted Fraze Rescue Foundation/Save That Dog Sanctuary a Not-For-Profit 501 (c) (3) status.

The dogs I rescue come from a variety of places and as a free range sanctuary (fenced but without enforced crating, caging or kenneling), I do not accept dog-aggressive dogs. On the other hand, I will offer you alternative ways of dealing with behavior issues and hard decisions. I am nothing if not ripe with information and I've helped a lot of people keep their family intact with a twist here or tweak there. Usually it's the fault of humans that animals act out and I've been on a lifelong mission doing what I can to right the wrongs. The bottom line is this is my calling and it always will be: overcoming obstacles and perpetuating kindness whenever I can.

if you need a friend, get a dog!


save that dog sanctuary

rescue • rehab • retirement • re-homing • animal assisted therapy

post office box 24, mount saint francis, indiana, 47146 • 812.945.0000

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